Cubica Light System 80

The new light skirting board from Döllken Profiles

Key facts about the Cubica Light System 80

Whether as a light accent for a comfortable atmosphere in your own four walls or as a security solution for hotels, ships or healthcare facilities – the Cubica Light System is the highest quality and most flexible lighting solution on the market.

„High quality light strips
from Döllken Profiles“

The Cubica Light System – product details

About the system

The Cubica Light System is offered as a system with an LED strip and a suitable power supply (LED starter kit). The light emission is linear and homogeneous, so no individual light points are visible. The strip can also be used as a simple cable duct strip (without a light window) or in combination with a light strip and cable duct. The molded parts for the system are available in matching decors (end caps, connectors, inside and outside corners).

The light bar can also be combined with the core skirting board Cubu flex. The dimensions and decors have been coordinated. In this way it is possible that only part of the room is illuminated. Döllken Profiles also offers project-related advice, configuration and assembly of the light bar, especially for the contract sector.

The Cubica Light System 80 offers 2 light variants, 4 decor options and 1 starter set for a perfectly staged lighting ambience

The two light edging options open up various possibilities for professional use that have never existed before. The Cubica Light System 80 has once again succeeded in designing a “thought-out” skirting board that leaves the processor but also the planner with sufficient scope in his design wishes, but at the same time impresses with its simplicity of execution.

Further technical details about the Cubica Light System 80 can be found in our technical data sheet.


Basic profile


light emission below


light emission above


closed cable duct strip


1160 aluminium


1207 white


1245 champagner


1209 anthracite

Starter set – everything from a single source

The Cubica Light System 80 is offered by Döllken as a system with an LED band and a suitable power supply (LED starter kit). You receive all required parts from a single source and a professional complete solution for the highest demands.

The starter set consists of the following variants:

Starter set: (A) extension cable, (B) connector (LED strip to cable), (C) connector (LED strip to LED strip), (D) LED connection cable, (E) Y distribution cable, ( F) Power pack (transformer for 230 V socket), (G) LED strip
Control set: (H) radio plug and (I) radio switch


LED light strips from our own production

In contrast to other light strips, the built-in LED strip and the connections come from our own production (Made in Europe). These high-quality tapes have been sold under the “Döllken Lighting” brand for over eight years. The result is a linear, very homogeneous light with no light spots visible and the lighting emerging evenly.

Variants of light emission

Unlike conventional light strips, the Cubica Light System 80 has two possible light bezels: a side bezel and an open top. Derived from this, the planner and floor layer have three different implementation options: side light, upward light and no illumination at all. In the latter case, however, the bar can be used for cable routing. A suitable cover profile closes the shaft and hides the cable. In this case, even later access to the cable is possible without dismantling the entire bar.



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